Share Of Time Is More Important

Than Share Of Voice

The old formula was as follows:  Share of voice = share of mind = share of market.


The new formula looks like this:  Share of time = share of mind = share of market.


Share of time replaces share of voice

Why? Two reasons.



1.  The viewer is in control. 

  1. 1.So even though marketers buy impressions, the consumer decides how much

  2. 2.time they’ll actually spend with that impression, i.e. your brand.

2.  Time is finite. 

  1. 3.Which means the more time that a consumer spends with one brand, the less

  2. 4.time they have to spend with the competitor’s brand. 

So the question isn’t how many impressions did you get for, say, $5M?


The question now is how much time spent did that same $5M buy you?

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